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Guard Patrol Monitoring System

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This is a app based solution built in tandem with IoT sensors. If a security Guard doesn't perform his duty of going on Patrol, it sends a notification / alert to concerned authorities. An alert Guard is a must to secure your assets and life. This probably is the only solution to ensure Guard stays alert at night hours.

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Guard Attendance System

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This is yet another innovative app deployed to help security agencies to get attendance reports from remote sites. As the security Guard reports to duty, attendance is updated on the app and helps the management at office to take timely decisions. If a lone lady staff us on duty, it alerts the management - the first application to have this feature.

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App for Parents (with School MIS)

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Keeping in touch with parents is a must for schools. a non-obtrusive solution is an app. Our app is coupled with our school MIS system and updates child attendance, fee payment, assignments etc., instantly.

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App for Alumni Associations

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Alumni Associations find it tough to share information with their members in a timely manner. This app facilitates instant update of events and other notifications. Alumnus get the latest updates of their Alma Mater and can search and chat with their buddies.
This also helps management in fund raising activities, internships & job opportunities for the current students.

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App for Rotary Club

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Rotary Clubs are early adopters of technology. Their roster sheets and news letters are now on the app.
Club Roster on the app brings its own advantages.

  • Search by member name / product
  • Birthday notifications (member, ann, annette)
  • Events notifications & photo gallery
Charity being a clubs main focus, app sponsor options are provided to raise funds for the club.
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Case Study: Bangalore Malayalee Catholic Association

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Our app fine tunes for the Bangalore Malayalee Catholic Association has helped them to take the roster to each and every member at a fraction of cost ( hard copy). Detailed member profiles help them to understand each other better and build meaningful relationships. Searchable member directory and a 'Who is NearBy' are the most popular features. With 'Who is NearBy' member gets to see members who are within a set vicinity and helps them to touch base / socialise when they are in other parts of the town.

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App for BNI

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BNI chapter success depends on the ability of the members to build meaningful relationships. Our app helps them to share information instantly and improves bonding amongst the members. Socials and 'Who is Near Me' are the most popular modules. 'Who is Near Me' displays a list of members who are near you ( at your current location ) and helps members to doing their 121's and a Surprise Drop-In to a fellow members office.

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App Developer Association

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Apps for Associations are known to benefit / ease the working of an association. We have showcased the functionality of an app for Associations with a pseudo App Developer Association. We use this to show-case our capabilities to a prospect who is looking for an app for their Association or for a customized app.

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